The Bachelor of Art (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science in Art (B.S)

The B.A./B.S. in Art cultivates creativity, effective habits of analytical thinking, effective communication and proficiency in the production or representation of artistry. This degree offers multiple and flexible pathways with studio specializations in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Metals and Jewelry, Ceramics, Sculpture, Fibers, Photography, and Time Arts. Students will choose an emphasis supported by their interest, practice and understanding of the application of visual art to society. Independent development, with the guidance and insight from faculty, will cultivate a path to connections with professional artistic endeavors.


Billie Giese
Associate Professor

Cindy Hellyer-Heinz
Associate Professor

John Siblik
Associate Professor
B.A./B.S. Art Coordinator

Ben Stone
Instructor, Foundations Administrator

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