The Bachelor of Art (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science in Art (B.S)

The synthesis of art, humanities, and technology prepares students for a wide range of personal and career pursuits informed by traditional and emerging technologies, complex systems, and creative markets. Through cooperation with departments across the campus, the B.A/B.S. offers advising tracks in Integrated Design, Arts Administration, Arts Management, and Pre-Professional advising tracks in Art Therapy. The B.A. and B.S. in Art is also for students interested in Sustainability and the Environment. Faculty and advisors are ready to help art and design students leverage outstanding course offerings across NIU to prepare students with the skills they need for success. As a 50-year member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, NIU is a leader in Arts and Design Education in the United States.  As such, B.A./B.S. students possess the following Skills:

  • Able to rapidly assess environments, culture, and people: see the “big picture”
  • Balance emerging leadership skills with a commitment to collaboration
  • Able to design, write, develop plans and strategies: problem solve
  • Balance strong conceptual thinking with practical implementation 


Billie Giese
Associate Professor

Cindy Hellyer-Heinz
Associate Professor

John Siblik
Associate Professor
B.A./B.S. Art Coordinator

Ben Stone
Instructor, Foundations Administrator

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