Community College Exhibit
Kathie Jagman, “Gramma’s Hands” Painting 1st place painting
Annelise Darville, Painting #1″Judy”,Painting #2 “Green” 2nd place and 3rd place painting
Linda Cannizzo, “Emergence”, Octopus Vessel” honorable mention painting
Jungia Jae, “Dilightly Deleted”, “Dreaming” honorable mention painting
Mary Mariutto, “Monolith” honorable mention painting
Ashley Nanoz, “MF Mud”, “Overgrown” honorable mention drawing, honorable mention painting
Isreal Rivas, Photo #1 “The New Normal Covid-19” Photo #2 “Stuck with my Camera” 1st and 3rd place photo
Samantha Campos, #1 “Another Lonely Day” #2 Cosmic Square 2nd place photo
Edgar Esquivias, “Not Going Up” honorable mention photo
Morgan McGuire, “Mirror Mirror” honorable mention photo
Garrett Austin, “French Canyon” honorable mention photo
Tyler Daniel Ocampo, “I Post therefore I am” 1st place digital art
Maria Sofia, “Carry Hope” 2nd place digital art
Jinah Im, “DES Triton” 3rd place digital art
Megha Jain, “Around the City” honorable mention digital art
Jori Bassett, “Dragon Attack”, “Still Life” honorable mention digital art
Madelene Przybysz, “Convex Series”, “I’m not uncomfortable but…” 2nd place sculpture, 1st place drawing
Jessica Tapia, “Lonely” Painting, “Self Conscious” Drawing 2nd place drawing
Manuela Scolaro, “Resilient George Floyd” 3rd place drawing
Daniel Meinhart, “Recharging” honorable mention drawing
Jennifer Baazov, “Belka”, “Maxim” honorable mention drawing
Angelo Mendez, “Chroma”, “Masked” honorable mention drawing
Alexa Harmon, “Orb Series”, “Pond Platter” 1st place ceramics, honorable mention ceramics
Lauren Babcock, “Octopus Vase”, “Historically Inspired Pot” 2nd place ceramics. honorable mention ceramics
Janet Kemp, “Deep Lagoon” Ceramic, “Lighthouse” 3rd place ceramics, Honorable Mention sculpture
Grant Siegmund, “Vaulted Vessel”, “Arched Vessel” honorable mention ceramics
Katy Geurts, “Mars Vessel”, Ocean’s Brim” honorable mention ceramics
Jennie Nichols, “Octopus Sculpture Garden” honorable mention ceramics
Eric Bremer, “Reaching Up” 1st place sculpture
Palacios Ivan Ocampo, “Disruption II” 3rd place sculpture
Jamie Tubbs, “Men Only” Honorable Mention Sculpute
Alexis Alvarez, “Nightclub”
Angel Gaona, “Emancipation”
Micah Green, “Self Portrait in Color” Painting
Hafsa Samia, “Constructing Love Taj”
Destiny Evans, “Where to Next?” Painting
Daniela Castro, “Cube”
Victor Manuel Barranco, “Sundown Landscape”
Carley J. Anderson, “The Calm before Reform” Painting
Troy Green, “Bee”
Anna Tausz “Untitled” Watercolor
Sierra Wilson, “Watching Me Watching You”
Sarah Stine, “Inner Demons”
Kathy Escobar, “Enter Eden”
Adrian Dennis “Isolation I”
Dave Miller, “Pastel Prairie”
Angel Jenkins “Suction” Painting
Cherrie Evans, “Just a Pinch”
Melissa Stone, “3-Aug -19″Data Visualization, “Everything is a Remix” Graphic Design
Diana Sanchez, “Trip to the Mexican Store”
Madeline Schuster, “Gen Z Wallpaper”
Yu Chen, “Cloud Bag”
Brett Shaia, “Chromophore”
Aleksandra Ivonov, “Drapery”
Roy Brianna, “Let Go”
Katy Lahr, “Eye Cup”
Michelle Wiesenberg, “Birch Serial Planes”
Jane Liao “Doghouse” Painting
Erin Reinhart “Ivy”
Cole Schnaudigel, “Suffocation”
Heather Hoadley “The Cliffs of Moher” Painting
Dakota McDorman, “Does it Make you Sick”
Kelsey Siebert, “Away from the Usual” painting
Angelina Trejo “Red Rose”